Is Yogurt Healthy?

Is Yogurt Healthy? Best & Worst Yogurts, Health Food & Dairy Tips for Weight Loss & Nutrition


  1. Great job Corrina!

  2. My girlfriend introduced me to your videos on health which I enjoy. Your presentations are simple and easy to understand and hopefully people will pay attention and learn about food and the food industry and how they are doing so much damage to people.
    I don’t know yet if you talk about gluten…a bad thing. Currently reading ‘Grain Brain’ and would highly recommend it.
    The Yeast Syndrome is another issue I’m sure you know.
    Enjoy your videos…you could drop the music/drum beat, very distracting.

  3. Hi Corrina
    About a month I find out about your Website and all your excellent program and all great information I leaned from you. Could you send me some information about constipation, I should mentions that I am taking green sena powder that I brought from another country My questions from you is that ok to take this powder every night or you recommend some thing else. Thanks again for you great programs on line.

  4. Even though I chose grass fed cow yogurt, grass is not organic, do we consume chemicals?

  5. Great review of how to pick a yogurt. I urge more food selection videos like this for other food groups, grains, for example, or fruits. Learned about how some fat in dairy is a plus rather than something to be avoided. Thanks.

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