Toxic Foods Disguised as Health Food

Toxic Foods Disguised as Health Food: What NOT to Eat, Nutrition, Healthy Tips | The Truth Talks.


  1. Hi Corrina I was drinking soda all my life the video to talk about High Fructose corn syrup, gave me lots of information and made me to stop drinking soda thank you and thank you for all the information

  2. Such great tips. We kept our older son involved in hinreteyvg through out the pregnancy. He came to my ultrasounds and midwife appointments. The midwife let him help to measure mommys belly and find the baby heartbeat.He was at home while I laboured before going to the hospital and amazed me at how good he was. He just sat on the couch playing games on the touch and would look up and ask if baby was here yet LOL.He slept at a neighbours the night we had the baby but came home the next day excited to meet his brother. His brother is now almost 3 months old. He loves to help by grabbing us diapers and receiving blankets. He will feed his brother with us sitting right there of course and he likes to sing the baby songs.An awesome big brother. Kids adapt, it is how we are adults handle the situation.

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