This Tender Heart (War Song) | Music Video


  1. Darrell Matthews

    Totally Awesome! Amazing talent.

  2. Rick Shafer

    You would have been THE singer during WW2. I can appreciate what you would do to the soldiers needlessly put in harms way. I am so tired of my dick is bigger than your dick wars. As long as a man is the dictator, war will always be an industry. But then a woman Prez would be immediately violently tested by the crazy rulers swallowing their own testosterone. She would have to be a real bitch.

  3. Jackhammer

    I love you and everything about you nice song I hear alittle blues in it keep making more music

  4. Sounds good, continue with the music you have talent.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  5. Excellent song, great voice Corrina! War will stop when mothers will govern this planet, they understand much better what means to lose a son and specially for a stupid “cause”.

  6. I am imagining listing this peaceful song in a sleepy Austin jazz bar sipping on a cold beer winding down at the end of the day.

  7. Hi Corrina, Peace would be possible if all people love music… but they don’t.
    Just think of that the only thing unites natins is music. Best Regards. Victor

  8. ROCKSTAR!!!

  9. Sonny Ocampo

    Nice song Corrina and voice as well. Sonny (Philippines)

  10. beautiful corrina! when the power of love over takes the love of power,then we will have peace!

  11. Hi Corrina!
    I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me! You are a beautiful soul. I have been watching your psychetruth videos for a few months now, and your advice has really helped me to change some things in my life! Thank you for caring so much!
    Hanna 🙂

  12. Fabulous song! I’m especially moved to write due to the powerful lyrics. It’s also very nice music and you have a fab jazz singer voice. I found you after watching your review of orgasm, inc. great to see someone clearly using several gifts openly in the world.

  13. Jeffrey Dean Lopez

    Bon ‘ appetite for the ears! AMEN!

  14. Amazing voice! Loved it!!! Can’t wait to watch more!

  15. War will end only when this world end. It’s true, humans were the worst thing happened to this planet, we weren’t faithful to this plane as we were supposed to be, they worked very hard to create all kinds of weapons to kill and destroy, but they forgot to build a good thing to protect our World for the coming generations, and still mankind is killing mankind, we have to face the fact that on our planet there are nukes enough to destroy the whole earth, and other planets! You have a very interesting videos here, liked them, I have also saved your website. Beautiful song 🙂

  16. Jan Škopek

    This is really the spirit of blues. This song have something to it.
    For the question if war is inevitable. This is difficult question indeed. One of the reason why war can occur is simply optimism of people. For instance, Before the WWII started, peoople were reading articles, newspapers was full of coverage on the subject of war. The very possibility of war was very real to them. Hitler was not exactly obsuring his attitude and intentions. Content his speeches was well known. He have neglected or rather ignored all conditions wich had been imposed on Germany in the end of WWI, the sanctions wich was to prevent rising of new german army in future. He was publicaly speaking of war as inevitable for the sake of german people. Yet Chamberlain was optimist. Britan and France was blindfolded by common optimism. underestimated Hitler’s determination, they simply assumed, that Hitler is a barking dog. All their diplomatic efforts was based on idea, that war can be prevented. Their attitude was passive to bgin with. When Hitler started to make claims on Suddetland. They did not hesitate to Sign Munich Agreement anexiation of Suddetland as an act of appeasement toward Nazi Germany. They premitted Hitler to take what he wanned at the expense of on little unimportand backwater called Czechoslovakia (BTW, this is where I live). They resumed, that this is the only way of preserving peace. When chamberlain returned from Poland to UK, the first thing he said to jurnalists was something like: “Today I have save whole Europe from war.” He was saying it with smile on his face.
    Were all the politicans of that time complete idiots? No, they was simply optimistic about the situation. If the great powers of Europe acted while Nazi Germany was weak, they could save milions of lives, no doubt. They could stop the madness from the very beginning. Though, they was hesitating to initiate the conflict as they were all pacifist. They did not reacted until they had no way but do defend themselves. And why, because of dipolmacy?, internatioal relations?, public opinion? If one consider the worst possible alternative, there is little to engage him unprepared. Wishful thinking can kill people, and quite literally. People need to understand, that being mild and passive towards evil can will ultimately cause greater harm that direct intervention.

  17. Fabulous! Thanks so much.

  18. Hi Corrina !

    Enjoy your health videos and your music. What a great combination of talents! Your health videos are very well produced, and I have recommended them to my clients. Keep up the good work!

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