Weight Loss Lies: Diet Pills & Diets!

Weight Loss Lies: Diet Pills & Diets! How to Really Lose Weight & Diet | Truth Talks Nutrition.


  1. Robert E Housel Jr.

    Dear Rachel

    I found your site by checking out GMO’s and found your site very helpful,I watch your videos on food,diet,and GMO’s.I started eating the food i seen on your video’s,lay off the the booze,pop,milk,cheese,bread and pasta,just eat friuts and vegs,and my home made soup,(with veg’s and beans.I use to weigh 270,couldn’t put my own shoes on!But thanks to you i’ve lost 60lbs in two and a half months.I feel better,more active,now i can put on my shoes.LOL.
    Keep up the good work and thank you from the bottom of my heart.Bobby

  2. joan zanazaro

    corrina what is your opinion of dr. mcdoagall also what books for weight loss do you recomend

  3. joan zanazaro

    thank you joan z

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