Politics for Dummies: Left & Right Political Parties

Politics for Dummies: Left & Right Political Parties, Democrat, Republican, Communism, Capitalism.


  1. Nice job on your research and explanation. If I had to guess, I would say you are a libertarian. I am becoming more libertarian as I get older and have already left the Republican Party for the reasons you explained- thank you.

  2. A very well done presentation. It was fair. I am a conservative when it comes to government taxes and free enterprise and property rights. I am a hawk on defense too. That said, I also realize that there must be some controls on business. I suppose I am much like a modern day Teddy Roosevelt. I support unions and believe the middle class is becoming an ebdagered species much to Americas discredit. My perfect US president would be part JFK and part Ronald Reagan. I’m a bipolar voter but lean towards Republicans and wish to hell the Democrats would move closer to the center so I would have more options in the polling booth.

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